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28/03/2018: UAE foreign policy and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi:

„Architect of the United Arab Emiratesʹ assertive foreign policy approach is the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi: he it is who ultimately makes the decisions, in consultation with several of his brothers and the ruler of Dubai.“


Here some links to my articles published in English (from 2011-2013):

24/06/2011: Nervousness in the Gulf: Carrot and Stick Diplomacy 

11/01/2012: Searches of NGO Offices in Egypt: Between the Fronts

05/06/2012: Verdict in the Mubarak Trial: The Ancien Regime Absolves Itself of Guilt

26/06/2012: Egyptian Presidential elections: A President without Power

21/08/2012: Counter-revolution in the Gulf

10/09/2012: Egypt’s Morsi consolidates his power

22/09/2012: The Egyptian President’s new foreign policy

03/10/2012: Egypt’s draft constitution comes under fire

11/10/2012: The Salafist Power Struggle

13/10/2012: Demands rising for Morsi to bring justice to Egypt

25/10/2012: Egypt’s forgotten minorities fear for future

14/11/2012: Egypt’s Sinai rife with crime and terrorism

18/11/2012: Gaza crisis ups pressure on Egypt’s Morsi

24/11/2012: Liberals protest against Egypt’s ‚pharaoh‘: Disappointed with the pace of post-revolutionary reforms, tens of thousands of people gathered in Tahrir Square to express their discontent with President Morsi. Many of the protesters once supported the president.

27/11/2012: Fears that Egypt is on the way to theocracy: Egypt’s constituent assembly is in crisis: Several of its non-Islamist members have withdrawn in protest over what they say are attempts by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists to establish an Islamist state

29/11/2012: Muslim Brothers push ahead with constitution: In the face of stark opposition from non-Islamist parties, the Muslim Brotherhood rushed through approval of a draft constitution. Protests planned for Saturday threaten to set off violence among Egypt’s rival camps.

29/11/2012: Egyptians protest against Muslim Brothers:The largest demonstration yet against the power of the Muslim Brotherhood has not led Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to compromise.

03/12/2012: Egyptians divided by Morsi’s plan: Demonstrations for and against Egyptian President Morsi took place this weekend in Cairo. Egyptians face the uneasy choice of supporting a constitutional draft or starting the process over from the beginning.

05/12/2012: Pressure building on Morsi: Anti-Morsi protesters are stepping up their demonstrations against the president and his moves to concentrate power. In reply, the Muslim Brotherhood is resorting to Mubarak-era propaganda.

07/12/2012: Morsi refuses to relent: Egyptian President Morsi’s speech in Cairo disappointed the opposition. After violence against demonstrators at the Presidential Palace, many call his offer of dialogue unacceptable and say they’ll take to the streets

09/12/12: Opposition calls for protests despite concessions: Faced with ongoing street protests, President Morsi has made some concessions. But the underlying conflict continues – and the opposition has called for more protests.

11/12/2012: No more trust in the Muslim Brotherhood: Protests across Egypt continue despite President Morsi having withdrawn decrees giving him vast powers. The opposition continues to fight for a different constitution, having lost trust after Muslim Brotherhood violence.

12/12/2012: Referendum to go ahead despite divisive demos: In Cairo, tens of thousands of supporters and opponents of the president again took to the streets on Tuesday night. Yet those seeking to prevent a referendum on the constitution seem set for disappointment

16/12/2012: Vote-rigging allegations mar referendum: The first voting day in Egypt’s constitutional referendum was largely peaceful, and voter turnout appeared to be high. However, there have been a disturbing number of reports of vote-rigging.

25.01.2013: Egyptian economy is a time bomb: Businesses in Egypt are having a hard time as the country’s currency weakens. That situation, combined with the massive subsidy system threatening to collapse, may be fertile ground for revolts.

25/01/2013: Egypt still suffering two years on: January 25 marks the second anniversary of the uprising in Egypt. Ibrahim Kenderian has been part of the movement since the very start and reports of violence, continued shortcomings and his expectations


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